How it Works

See detailed description of the steps involved in our process below.

How it Works



A free consultation is the first step in having an estate sale. We meet with you on site to formulate a plan for your individual needs. All estate liquidations are different; we evaluate your estate during this process. The sale terms are discussed, and a contract is signed at this time.


Sale Preparation

The next step is the preparation of your sale. We will first clean, organize and display your items. We price all of your items individually. We use many methods in determining accurate values. Our methods include; our comprehensive knowledge from hundreds of previous sales, 30 years of antique sales experience, local experts, and examining realized value trends from many different sources. Each of our employees excel at specific subjects.


Advertising and Marketing

Advertising and marketing your sale is the most crucial step in achieving a successful liquidation. We first take photographs of all featured items of the sale. We then advertise on,,, Facebook and your local newspaper. We increase your sales visibility on each site to reach the maximum amount of potential customers at no extra cost to you. We print custom estate sale signs specific to your sale. We disperse the signs strategically to lead customers directly to your sale.


The Sale

Our sales are conducted on Saturdays and Sundays. Our employees are in uniform, and all are experienced with sale procedures. We use a number system for customers to avoid overcrowding and to ensure security. We have up to 15 experienced employees that will be designated to specific areas of your home and property. We use cash registers and experienced cashiers. We wrap and bag all purchased items. We also offer a delivery service of large items.
The prices we set are nonnegotiable for customers. During the second day of the sale; items are reduced at a specific percentage depending on value. Some items may have a reserve price set.


After the Sale

Payment to estate executors is within a three day process time. Typically we sell 90%-100% of the sale items. For select remaining items we offer a consignment option at our Design Consign showroom. We provide transportation to our showroom.To get started, click HERE!


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